Houseplants Paintings

pinscher dog with monstera plant

Min Pin & Monstera

Tabby cat, yellow armchair and pothos

Pumpkin & The Yellow Armchair

monstera albo variegata

Mini Albo

monstera albo variegata

monstera albo variegata

dog and cats and various potted plants

Pets & Plants Part I

dogs, sleeping cat and house plants

Pets & Plants Part II

pink monstera in a pink pot

Pink Monstera

strong desert cactus

Toughen up or roll up

monstera deliciosa painting

Growing Monstera in a Pot

fiddle leaf fig in red pot

Fiddle leaf fig

Tradescantia Nanouk pink flower in pot

Purple Tradescantia in pot

watercolor begonia maculata in a pot

Begonia Maculata

Swiss cheese leaf

Pinkish Monstera

golden monstera leaf

Golden Monstera

banana leaf painting watercolor

Banana Leaf

Aralia green leaf

Aralia Leaf

tropical leaf watercolor painting

Monstera leaf

Watercolor Palm tree leaf

Palm Tree leaf

Fern watercolor leaf painting

Fearn Leaf

watercolor painting monstera leaves

View from the top

Tropical leaves flowers

No place like Home

Alocasia zebrina & co

Plants Trio

Caladium bonsai painting >

Look at me

Begonia maculata gouache art

Polka dot

Caladium pinky beauty watercolor


Ficus elastica

Ficus elastica

Anthurium in yellow pot

Anthurium in yellow pot

Golden Anthurium green plant in pot

Golden Anthurium

anthurium clarinervium leaf painting

Precious Anthurium

tropical monstera leaf watercolor painting

Maxi Monstera

monstera leaves watercolor painting

Mini Monstera

yellow pot monstera deliciosa painting

Cartoonish monstera

swiss cheese plant watercolor

I'm moving up!

watercolor monstera leaf gifts

Party monstera

potted monstera deliciosa painting